23 Essential Items Every Woman Needs to Carry in Her Bag

Whether you have a Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or regular store-bought bag, your bag is very personal. It is an expression of who you are. The color of it represents your personality, and the size of it can reflect your personality too. However, there are certain items that every woman cannot go without, and needs to carry in her bag.

The following are the essential items you must carry in your bag every day when leaving the house:

1. Cellphone

Of course, you cannot leave your house without your cellphone. It is essential, especially during any sort of emergency, to have it close by. Most bags have a section especially for cellphones for easy placement and access.

2. Cellphone Charger

This seems pretty obvious, but many people forget – if you’re taking your cellphone with you, you’ve got to bring your cellphone charger as well.

3. Purse

Your purse holds all your important cards and cash, so that you can purchase everything you need. It also contains medical aid information and your identity card, so there’s no leaving the house without it.

4. Menstrual Cup

Can you imagine walking in the mall or office, not being prepared for a surprise period? The best thing in this case would be to walk into the bathroom and simply insert a menstrual cup. The Venus menstrual cup is great as it comes in two sizes, and holds a large capacity of blood. There are no more embarrassing moments, if you keep a menstrual cup in your bag!  

5. Extra Pair of Panties

Along with a menstrual cup, you’ll need an extra pair of panties kept in a small plastic bag, in case you had any period accidents. If you want to feel more secure, you can even keep a pair of period panties to go with your menstrual cup. in case you are bleeding excessively heavy.

6. Wet Wipes

 Always carry a small box of wet wipes with you to clean any part of your body, or any surfaces around you.

7. Hand Sanitizer

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to keep our hands clean at all times. There are many different hand sanitizer sprays and gels you can carry to make sure your hands are clean no matter who or what you touch.

8. Mask

It goes without saying that in these times, you always need to carry an extra mask with you. Keep one in a plastic bag so that if anything happens to it, you can simply replace it with a new one.

9. SPF Lip Gloss

Why use a normal lip gloss, when you can use lip gloss with an SPF, such as Blistex’ DCT (Daily Conditioning Treatment) which comes with an SPF of 20, nourishes the lips, and gives lips an incredible glossy shine.

10. Sunglasses

No matter what the season, the sun always shines bright, and you need to protect your eyes from its harmful rays. Ray-Bans have always been a great make of sunglasses, including sunglasses from Carolina Lemke, Gucci, and more!

11. Deodorant

Always bring a bottle of your favorite deodorant to keep you fresh throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than the smell of armpit sweat if you have been running around a lot.

12. Favorite Perfume

No matter where you are, it’s always great to apply a fresh spray of perfume every 3 to 4 hours. Happy by Clinique gives off that fresh citrus and floral scent perfect for the spring. First Instinct Blue for Her is a surprising scent that many don’t know about. It’s sexy and smells of summer spent at the ocean covered in pineapple and suntan oil. Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach is perfect for the fall, and a dark and seductive scent such as Dior’s Hypnotic Poison is perfect for winter nights.

13. The Pill

If you take the pill, it’s always important to keep it in your handbag, in case you forget to take it in the morning. That way you never need to make the mistake of accidentally skipping a day.

14. Sun Lotion

Depending on where you are located in the world, the sun is stronger in certain areas than others, such as in Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East. However, sun damage is never good for the skin, and you should always have sun lotion on hand for days that you spend a long time exposed to the sun’s rays.

15. Small Bottle of Mineral Water

If your bag is big enough, you should always carry around a refreshing bottle of mineral water for when you are thirsty. Some bottles are the perfect size to fit into bags of all sizes!

16. Facial Spray

There’s honestly nothing better than a cool spritz of spray on your face on a hot and humid day. Evian Facial Spray is glorious. It sprays one of the healthiest waters on earth (from the Cachat Spring in the French Alps) onto your face, leaving you cool and refreshed.

17. Pen and Pad

Yes, it’s really easy these days to capture information in your cellphone, but sometimes you need to write a number or information down very quickly – and a pen and pad is what that’s for. Also, you may need a pen to sign documents and contracts.

18. Eyeliner

One of the essential pieces of make-up you need to keep applying during the day is eyeliner. Keep your favorite eyeliner stored away in one of your bag’s zip pockets for easy access!

19. Teabags

This may seem like a strange one, but sometimes certain waiting rooms or cafes don’t have the tea you like. You can always just ask for a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon and mint leaves in it, and pop in your favorite tea bag, whether that be green, chai, or any other tea.

20. Condoms

It’s always important to carry around some form of contraception when you’re in a relationship. You never have to worry about getting into the sticky situation of questioning yourself whether or not to have unprotected sex, when you’re the one in charge of your body. Durex offers some of the safest and best contraceptive products on the market.

21. Painkillers

There’s nothing worse that a big headache striking you when you expect it the least. If you have an important business meeting, a headache can really throw you off. Painkillers are also great for period cramps.

22. Snacks

 It’s very important to keep snacks with you, to keep your sugar levels balanced. There’s nothing worse than being “hangry,” so keep healthy snacks in your bag like almonds, cashew nuts, dried cranberries, raisins, popcorn, and dark chocolate.

23. Dry Pet Food

It’s really great having a small plastic bag of dry pet food around, in case you bump into any kittens or dogs walking the streets alone, and are in need of some nourishment. You can simply leave some food for them, and they’ll really appreciate your kindness and generosity.


The above are the important items you need to carry around every day, so that you feel prepared for any situation. Also remember to clean out your bag every 10 days to make sure it is organized!

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