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3 days ago Commented Sadly, menstrual cups are not a "one size fits all" thing. It's a rare thing when someone buys one blindly and it working out perfectly for them. You already know that there's a big difference between the SoftCups by Instead/Flex Cups and the other type of cups like the Lena Cup. A lot of it depends on the height of your cervix. If a cup is too long for you, it may sit right inside of the vagina and can be felt anytime you move around, or actually protrude from your body. Normally a bell-shaped cup fits a low cervix better. A bell-shaped cup with a flared rim tends to ride up and sit higher. However, you may find a bell-shaped cup with a "regular" wide rim allows your cervix to sit inside of the cup better and still allows you the extra capacity. Sometimes people find that a cup with a wider rim also helps to keep the cup in place. Others just feel more comfortable removing their cup to use the bathroom when they have a bowel movement, but can usually find a cup that is comfortable enough to use while urinating. It sounds like you have a very low cervix since the Lena (bell-shaped w/flared rim) in a size small still feels, as you said, too long. You can trim the stem a grip ring by grip ring until you're comfortable reaching it and comfortable wearing it. You can also try to flip your cup inside out and try it that way. If your cup is that low, you shouldn't have any problems reaching for it though. If for some reason you can't reach your cup at first, do a series of bear downing while squatting. This should bring your cup down little by little until you can reach it. Don't forget to break the seal by pinching the cup or collapsing the rim before pulling. With some sensitivities I don't want you to experience extra pain. Double check to make sure, and try to do this while you have your period. There are several cups that are shorter than the Lena and some are softer. Some cups that you can look into are: Sckoon - small than most small cups, "gummy" silicone which makes it feel softer Super Jennie - soft, wider rim, good capacity even for size small Ruby Cup - smaller than most small cups, soft MeLuna - Classic small or medium, or even the "Shorty" versions for a super low cervix As for buying several cups, I wait for sales (almost every single holiday), I buy "destashed" cups and sanitize them to my liking, and/or I just save a bit here and there. I also have on going discount codes for certain sites that sell cups as well as other menstrual items., and/or = 10% off code: RedHerringTV If you find that a cup doesn't work for you, you can always resell them on one of the Menstrual Cup FB groups. There are people there that would be happy to find a deal and you recoup some of your funds back. I hope that I covered all of your questions/concerns. Please let me know if there's anything else I might be able to help with or elaborate on. 🙂
January 14, 2017 Commented Hi Mel! I can't think of very many cups that do not have holes; Lily Cup Original, Silky Cup (newer version), FemmyCycle. There's a cup that has one single pin hole but it's a "cheapie" cup and likely made out of food grade silicone if you're worried. Mine doesn't have a name, but it is known by several names as well as, "Ivita". Having no holes in a cup may or may not produce other problems. The most common is having the cup seal tightly around your cervix making it hard to remove. Some people can use them perfectly fine, others find it painful or too much trouble to deal with. If you had to cut the stem on a size small, you probably have a medium to low cervix. You might find Bell Shaped Cups to "fit" better and supply you with a bit more capacity. The base of the cup is rounded and even if your cervix sits inside, there's still space to collect. A better fit, and a higher capacity might help with leaking. I'm not sure what you mean by "upside down". I've know people to use inversion tables, yoga/handstands and aerial silk acrobatics and have been leak free. Is this leaking happening every night that you use it? You stated that during the day you have to empty it around four hours. If you're sleeping for eight, then you're probably just overflowing it. You'll want to look into a higher capacity or bell shape. Some cups you can look into would be Super Jennie small, Lena Cup small or medium, LaliCup medium, Ruby Cup medium, Fleur small, Sckoon large.
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