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The menstrual cup market is filled to the brim with models and designs of menstrual cups that boast features that some people cannot live without and others seem to pass up. The Rainbow Cup, menstrual cup is a menstrual cup that is also sold under other names such as the Monzcare R-Cup or the Monzcup. It is China manufactured and mainly sold through online resources and stores.

Could the Rainbow Cup be the right menstrual cup for you? The Rainbow Cup is a menstrual cup that is praised for its great features and incredibly low price tag! This menstrual cup is of a super-modern design and consists of zero markings, grooves, etched writing or ridges on the cup. It is available in very bright colors- and 2 different sizes according to your age and present child birth status.

The stem can be trimmed and is circular not hollow. Many females gravitate towards this cup because it is so smooth, contains a great firmness/softness ratio, and is made of a high-quality form that is comparable to many other costly brands of menstrual cups.




Rainbow Cup/ Monzcare R-Cup
Sizes, Specs, and Options

When you purchase the Rainbow Cup or Monzcare R-Cup you will get one menstrual cup (in your choice of 2 sizes) and a choice in color (7 hues- orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, blue and ocean blue), a nice carrying pouch, and 1 set of instructions.


Sizes of the Rainbow Cup

Size 1 (Small)

Size 1 in the Rainbow Cup is recommended for women under the age of 30, who HAVE not had a child vaginally, and that normally experience a light/medium flow.

  • Capacity- 20 ml
  • Diameter- 40 mm
  • Length, 70 mm
  • Stem Length- 20 mm.



Size 2- (Large)

Size 2 in the Rainbow Cup is recommended for women over the age of 30, who HAVE had a child vaginally, and that normally experience a medium/heavy flow.

  • Capacity- 26 ml
  • Diameter- 45 mm
  • Length, 70 mm
  • Stem Length- 15 mm.




Color Options in the Monzicare R Cup/ Rainbow Cup

The Rainbow Cup, menstrual cup is available in 7 very bright hues- orange, yellow, green, purple, pink and two different blue colors.



Rainbow Cup/ Monzcare R-Cup
Features & Attributes

  • Incredibly soft menstrual cup (for women who are experienced in menstrual cup use)
  • Trimmable stem that is a ring- for easy removal
  • Available in an array of 4 colors and the basic clear hue
  • Lasts for several years (no precise shelf-life available)
  • FDA approved, medical-grade silicone
  • Very inexpensive price but overall high-quality menstrual cup







Rainbow Cup Pros

Well-made cup for such an inexpensive price – So many customers of the Rainbow Cup say that it is of the highest quality. Reviewers seemed quite taken aback by the well-made quality, softness, and value of the cup for such an incredible price.
Great grips and stem that is alterable – The stem on the Rainbow cup is alterable. People say that it is not hollow, but it is more of a ring shape that makes it super easy to grasp when removing it. Additionally customers of this menstrual cup have also stated that the stem is the best feature of this cup.
Soft cup for great comfort – can’t tell you are wearing it- For females who are very comfortable with menstrual cup use, this cup is amazing. Women who use the Rainbow Cup were quick to remark about this cups super soft form. This makes it unnoticeable when wearing it, for the best comfortable experience.
No plastic odor from the cup itself – Some adverse reviews of the Rainbow Cup noted that females noticed a strong chemical/plastic odor when they got this cup, however other reviewers mentioned that they noticed no such odor and just loved this cup for its overall good design, no markings, and features and options.


Rainbow Cup Cons

Colors not as vivid as in some pics that sellers use of it – Some reviewers state that they were a tad disappointed with the actual color of the menstrual cup that they received in comparison to how brightly it was depicted in some images given by the sellers.



Rainbow Cup Customer Remarks and Comments

“For those who think this brand might be knocking off the designs of other cup companies–it’s definitely not. The design is unique enough (as unique as cups can get, since on some level they are all the same) that I could not identify it as any other brand. I highly recommend this brand for anyone with a finicky bladder and a somewhat high cervix.” (Amazon.com)

“Not a cheaply made cup at all- but such great value for the inexpensive price!” (Amazon.com)

“Amazing product!!!! I’m so over convention methods definitely sticking with this! Very comfortable! I thought there would be a scent but thankfully none… I have told all my friends and they are on board.” (Amazon.com)

“This cup is really soft, more than I expected. The color is less intense than the photos but still a pretty light blue. It has a nice stem (circular and not hollow) And it’s grip rings are nice. Shipping was decently quick as well!” (Amazon.com)

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Rainbow Cup Frequently Asked Questions

There may be some questions that you have regarding the Rainbow Cup, especially when you are looking for the perfect menstrual cup. Read the list below to find some of the most commonly asked questions and answers on the Rainbow Cup that most consumers may have.
Is the Rainbow Cup a knock off menstrual cup?

No actually it is FDA approved and patented for its unique design under several trademark names.

Can I wear the Rainbow Cup if I am still a virgin?

Yes. You can wear and use the Rainbow Cup if you are a virgin, but it is recommended that you consider that your hymen could be compromised with use of any menstrual cup.

Is it common for the Rainbow Cup to leak?

No. The Rainbow Cup should provide you with up to 12 hours of leak protection. However, if you are new to menstrual cups we recommend that you use a back-up method to prevent accidents. It may take some time for you to get the knack of inserting it properly so that you form the seal that gives you the largest period protection from leaks. Also if you experience leaks with the Rainbow Cup consider- you may have the wrong size, or you do not have it inserted properly.

Can I wear the Rainbow Cup while swimming, bathing or showering?

Yes. The Rainbow Cup is very safe to wear during most activities such as bathing, swimming, sports, and showering.

Is the Rainbow Cup comfortable to wear?

This is a matter of personal opinion. But the majority of women who have tried and used the Rainbow Cup report that it is so soft, and very comfortable to wear!

Should the stem of the Rainbow Cup, menstrual cup stick out of me?

NO. If the stem is causing irritation or sticking out of you then you can trim it (even all the way down) to make it more comfortable for you. Just be sure not to damage or cut into the cup itself.

Can I make love while wearing the Rainbow Cup?

No. The Rainbow Cup should not be worn while partaking in sexual intercourse.

Which cup size would be best if I am 35 and had 2 children vaginally and have a heavy flow?

If you are a more mature woman of age 35, that has had children vaginally and experience a heavy flow- we would recommend that you select the larger size of cup to best suit your needs.

Can I still use the Rainbow Cup if I have the Nuvaring?

Yes. The Rainbow Cup, menstrual cup is perfectly safe when used in combination with IUD’s or even contraceptive rings.

Is the Rainbow Cup overall safe to use?

Yes. It is made of medical-safe silicone that should not cause any irritation, infection, or adverse side effects when used as recommended in the right size. It also does not cause any risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)- since it collects rather than absorbs.




Rainbow cup Company Profile

The Rainbow Cup also trademarked as the MonziCup, the Monzicare R-Cup is made in China by Ningbo Billion & Monzi Trading Co. It is FDA approved and monitored through adequate protocols in manufacturing of medical devices. It has been on the market for some time, although there is no longer an official Rainbow Cup menstrual cup website.

The Rainbow Cup is the sole product of this company and is offered to the mainstream throughout every region of the World. Females everywhere have come to rely on and trust this menstrual cup for exceeding their expectations of quality and comparison while being offered at such a very affordable price.



Rainbow Cup Bottom Line

The Rainbow Cup is also known as the Monzicare Cup as aforementioned. There are rumors that this menstrual cup maker has caved under (hence no official website?) However, women search high and low for sources that sell the Rainbow Cup- because they appear to like the cost effectiveness (retails for about 10 bucks), the bright colors, and the other rare features that other menstrual cups fail to provide them with.




Rainbow Cup- Where to Buy

There is no official website for the Rainbow Cup, and although we do reviews on menstrual cups we do not sell them ourselves. You can find the Rainbow Cup is sold by the reputable link sources listed below.


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