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What size tampon are Thinx panties comparing to?

Josmery Mulvahill 3 Rep.

I’m trying to choose my first menstrual underwear brand to try, I’m looking at Thinx and it compares each panty’s absorbency to a number of tampons. My question is, what size tampon are they talking? 2 Tampons’ worth…is that regular or heavy?



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Thanks for reaching out! The tampons they are referring to are regular tampons. THINX are designed to be a replacement for panty liners and a backup to either a tampon or menstrual cup.

THINX have varying levels of protection depending on the style. For example, their Thong holds up to half a regular tampons worth of fluid and our heavier day undies, the Hiphugger, holds up to 2 regular tampons worth.

Also, while some people have flows light enough to wear THINX alone, most find that they are most useful as a back up. That’s why they say “know your flow” – feel free to test them out and see what works for you!

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