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Please review Rustic Art Menstrual Cup

Ritika Nitesh 3 Rep.

Please review the Rustic Art Menstrual Cup from India.


Red Herring answered
Red Herring 223 Rep.

Hello Ritika!

I don’t have the “Rustic Art” cup but I do have a couple of other cups exactly like it under another name.

I personally find my cups of this type to be made pretty thin compared to a lot of other menstrual cups.  Being made thinner normally makes a cup softer.  That can give some people problems with getting the cup to open easy.  However, people with a sensitive bladder might find the softness of these cups to be perfect.


I have no idea if Rustic Art manufacture’s their own cups but it looks exactly like several other “cheapie” cups on the market that are sold out of China.

Check Blossom, Athena, Lola, Vida, Luna, Dutchess, Skinco, Bodybay, Flower Pot, Sileu, Happy Girl (and many more).

Red Herring answered


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