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Has anyone heard of the Chiobu Cup?

Vivian Liew 3 Rep.

I recently encountered this Singaporean brand called the Chiobu Cup (www.chiobucup.com), selling its own menstrual cups for 49 SGD or 36 USD along with Melunas. As menstrual cup sellers (let alone manufacturers) are few and far between here in Southeast Asia, I thought it might be useful for women to be aware that local businesses that make menstrual cups exist, so they don’t have to pay for shipping from say, the United States. In addition, it donates 2 menstrual cups to charity if you add 10 SGD (about 7.40 USD) on to your purchase, so that’s always good.

Has anyone bought from Chiobu Cup? What was your experience? I’m currently using a Mooncup (USA) and I’m considering changing because I need a bigger capacity – 12 ml just isn’t cutting it for my heavy-bleeding self.

Red Herring answered
Red Herring 223 Rep.

This is the first time I’ve heard of it.  From the photos that they provide on the site, they look like several rebranded cups including:

Intimate Rose, Alx, Luno, iCare, Cuplette, GynCup, Aneer, Mahina, Continuon, Cupissima, Princess, Sileu, Well Done and others that may not have a name.  

I have actually purchased cups that look exactly like this from Alibaba, AliExpress and Wish.com that were not given names other than, “Menstrual Cup”.

Mine are very thin, very soft and not well finished.  There are extra pieces of silicone and poor seam lines.  I doubt that they have “real” safety certificates.  We can’t be sure what materials they actually use.  They may state “Medical Grade Silicone” and that they are “FDA approved” but I can also tell you that I’m a doctor (which I’m not) and even make up some fake documents to show you online.

However, I can never tell anyone not to purchase a specific menstrual cup.  It is your choice and your choice alone. My only advice is to listen to your body if you do purchase one.  If you feel anything out of the ordinary while using a questionable cup, remove it and discontinue use.


Red Herring answered


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