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firmness and softness of a menstrual cup.

Selina Okanlawon 9 Rep.

How do I determine if a firm or soft menstrual cup is right for me?  And how do I determine which firmness ratio and/or softness ratio would be right for me?

Red Herring answered
Red Herring 223 Rep.
Red Herring 223 Rep.

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going to work for you right off the bat, but a couple of things to think about are:

-Physical Activity = A lot of people that are very active normally like a more firm cup.  A firm cup can stand up to the movements and manipulation that your body makes during these activities, where as a softer cup may crush or collapse causing leaks.

However, this is not always the case.  Some people find that a softer cup with move and form with their bodies with out any leaking problems.  

The only way to tell is to go in “blind” and adjust from there.

Some firm cups would be:

Yuuki Soft or Classic (very firm), Lunette, MeLuna “Sport” versions, Lena Cup, and AmyCup “Crystal”


-Bladder sensitivity = If you have a sensitive bladder then you’ll likely prefer a softer cup.  It doesn’t have to be the softest cup on the market, but a medium to medium soft side would be a better place to start than a firm cup.

If you get a cup that is too firm, you may feel like you need to urinate more often or may feel like you didn’t empty your bladder completely after using the bathroom.

A firm cup may apply too much pressure on your bladder or urethra that may cause discomfort or even cramps.

Some medium cups would be:

EvaCup, LaliCup, DivaCup, Juju Cup, Fleur, LuvUrBody, Super Jennie


If you aren’t very active, then you can try a medium firmness or if you don’t know if you have a sensitive bladder, than you can also try a medium firm cup first.

Sorry to say, but it’s all kind of trial and error when you first start. 

Choosing a shape is another thing that you’ll want to think about before buying your first cup.


*If you find that you have a cup or two that don’t work for you, there are FB groups that allow people to “destash” their unused cups to recoup some funds.


Good Luck and let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with 😀


Red Herring answered


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