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choosing a menstrual cup

Selina Okanlawon 9 Rep.



What’s the best way to know how strong or weak my vaginal muscles are? After assessing the strength of my vaginal muscles, how do I determine which cup would be best based on my vaginal strength? 

I urinate 4-7 times a day, which 7 are days when I experience my cramps on the 1st day of my cycle and that makes me go to the bathroom more. Would a soft-medium be a good choice?

Red Herring answered
Red Herring 223 Rep.

Hello Selina!

I’m so sorry that you haven’t gotten an answer from any one yet.  I was on holiday almost all of last month which started on Oct 5th.

So on to your question…

There’s not really a way to gauge how strong or how weak your pelvic floor muscles are.  If you’ve heard of or tried kegel balls, the weights would probably give you an idea (some what) but using those to equal numbers that you can see, wouldn’t really give you an idea of what you can use.  

Your menstrual cup would normally sit above these muscles as they sit like a hammock approximately an inch or so above the opening to your urethra, vagina, and anus.

Here’s a video that helps you narrow down soft cups vs. firm cups.  The “formula” is not always 100% correct as everyone’s bodies are different.  This was put together from the info I’ve collected by people who have talked to me or commented to me.



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