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Party In My Pants (also known as PIMPS) are not your mother’s reusable menstrual pads. In fact, this sister-run business generates more of a hipster buzz than a hippie vibe. One sister is a sewing whiz and the other an art school graduate, and it shows.

They offer their pads in a thrilling-to-the-fashionista assortment of trendy, quirky prints, including the much-coveted galaxy print and an unexpected line of dinosaur themed pads (at the time of this writing). The pads come in 11 different sizes to cover all phases of the menstrual cycle.

Special Features

In addition to their large assortment of beautiful, funny and unique fabric patterns (unicorns, kitty cats or leopard print, anyone?) Party in My Pants is different from other companies in a few ways. Their pads are:

  • Top-stitched, rather than surge stitched, for extra comfort
  • Designed as an all-in-one unit; there’s no need to add inserts
  • Backed by a breathable nylonleak-resistant shield
  • Made with wings that have nickel-free plated snaps for a secure fit

Estimated to last for five years


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

Part of the company’s mission statement is to make that time of the month more fun, and from what customers have to say, I think they’ve done it. They offer a kaleidoscope of prints in each size, and their print selection regularly changes as they update with their newest fabrics; one of their new offerings is a print of the periodic table! Get it?

Party in My Pants (PIMPs):

  • Come in a large selection of fun prints
  • The pads are some of the thinnest cloth pads on the market
  • The double snaps make the pads highly adjustable
  • Machine washable and dryer safe

“The price point is a bit higher than other cloth pads on the market, but the quality really makes up for it.” (

“What isn’t to love? They come in colorful, cute designs, have organic cotton pads available, and last for ages. I think I first bought mine about four years ago, and haven’t needed to replace a single one.” (


Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

My personal complaint about PIMPs is that there are too many beautiful designs to choose from. After doing a little digging, here are some other negatives I’ve found based on customer reviews. Party In My Pants products:

  • Are not the cheapest
  • May slide when in place due to nylon backing
  • May have minor bunching possibly due to nylon backing
  • Are not as breathable as flannel-backed pads

“They only downside is that they are always making more cute pads, and I keep wanting to buy more and more!” (

“I don’t find them as pretty as some of the other pads I bought (like from yurtcraft) and they are quite pricey compared to pads I found on, but they occasionally have sales where you can get older colors for much cheaper.” (



About the Company

Sisters Luci and Lydia Daum own and run this mini-business based out of Ashland, Wisconsin. The dynamic designing and sewing duo make all of their products by hand. Their visual flair is apparent in the appealing designs they use for their pads. In addition to menstrual pads, they also make warming pillows with images of kitties on them, so adorable they look like they just popped off your Pinterest feed and into your lap.


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