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New Moon Pads didn’t make our top 10 list of reusable pads because there are very few customer reviews available for them, pretty much only the testimonials on their official website. But that said, almost all of the reviews I could find are raving (in a good way) about these pads.

These pads come to us from British Columbia, Canada, by a work-at-home mom who describes herself as a cloth pad artisan. New Moon Pad’s motto is, “Simple…easy…back to basics.” Although the concept of cloth pads may be simple and back to basics, New Moon Pads offers a staggering array of colors, patterns and options for customization. With over 80 prints in stock, you’re bound to find something you love.


Special Features

New Moon Pads come in five sizes to cover the entire menstrual cycle. After choosing based on desired flow coverage, you can get a custom fit by selecting your specific body style: petite, average or tall/fluffy. Wings with snaps are optional. Their pads are:

  • Made from new, premium quality fabrics.
  • Available in a choice of soft cotton flannel or regular cotton.
  • Backed by Malden Mills Sherpa fleece for leak resistance
  • Available in over 80 prints.
  • Guaranteed for quality and workmanship.


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

These pads come in a fantastic assortment of colors and sizes. Also, this is one of the only reusable pad makers that gives a choice of winged or wingless pads. Customers also appreciate the breathability of this product.

New Moon Pads:

  • Come in a large selection of prints.
  • Are extremely customizable.
  • Don’t slide the way pads with plastic backing tend to do.
  • Are machine washable and dryer safe.

“The customer service is very personal and prompt, and the pads are flawlessly made.” (

“I have had fewer cramps, decreased flow and I have also found that the vaginal irritation that I was constantly dealing with is gone. (”



Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

New Moon Pads aren’t available on Amazon, which is usually the best place to find unbiased reviews. I wasn’t able to find any negative reviews on these pads after searching high and low online. After a little digging, I’ve found this one complaint about the wingless version of the pads:

“The pad falls into the toilet EVERY time I go to the bathroom. Every. Single. Time.” (


More User Videos:



About the Company

New Moon Pads is a one-woman business based out of British Columbia.

Owner Renee makes the pads in her home that’s just a ten-minute walk from the ocean. She’s committed to quality products that are fairly priced, kind to the environment and comfortable. New Moon Pads were a natural offshoot of the cloth diaper business she began in 1990 after the birth of her first son.


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4.6 / 5
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4.83 / 5

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