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The Naturcup, menstrual cup is a Spain manufactured feminine menstrual aid that is well-used by locals in Spain where it is open in availability. Although it has yet to reach the mainstream, it is still a plausible menstrual cup of good quality that can provide you with that one extra option in comparison to other menstrual cup brands.

It offers you one more size choice (total 3) to suit your best menstrual cup fit requirements, and contains no dyes, BPA’s, or latex that can cause allergic or adverse health reactions and is very inexpensive in comparison to some other more popular brands of menstrual cups.


Naturcup Specs and Sizes

The Naturcup, menstrual cup is offered in 3 different sizes in order for you to find the best fit for your particular and very unique circumstances.


Size 0- Adolescent

Size 0 of the Naturcup is Adolescent, it is for young teenagers who experience scanty periods, light flow, who have just began menstruating, and that are not yet sexually active.

Diameter- 40 mm, Length-56 mm, Capacity-15 ml.


Size 1 – Cut 1

Size 1 or Cut 1 of the Naturcup, menstrual cup is recommended for women who are 20-30 years of age and that have NOT birthed a child vaginally.

Diameter- 43 mm, Length-65 mm, Capacity-22 ml.


Size 2 – Cut 2

Size 2 or Cut 2 of the Naturcup, menstrual cup is recommended for women who are above 30 years of age and that HAVE birthed a child vaginally.

Diameter- 47 mm, Length-65 mm, Capacity-25 ml.



Naturcup Features and Attributes

The Naturcup, menstrual cup from Spain features a few attributes and characteristics that sets it apart from other menstrual cup brands and models.

  • Made and Spain and Only Sold in Spain (Available through Online Means)
  • Medical Grade Silicone- Tested, Certified, Proven Safe
  • Features a Solid Ball Stem- Easy to Grip for Removal
  • Inexpensive Averages from 15-20 US Dollars
  • Three Sizes for Better Fit Solutions
  • Offered and Sold With a Money Back Guarantee
  • Instructions, Cute Cotton Pouch, and Menstrual Cup Come With Purchase
  • Firmer rim for Forming Better Suction When Sealed
  • Lasts and Durable for up to 10 Years of Re-use




Naturcup Pros

Naturcup has provided many outside consumers with the opportunity to try their cups and review them without charge, and through the many testimonies I delved through, I found that the Naturcup can hold its own when it comes to performing as well (if not better than the more popularly recognized brands.)

Decent Holding Capacity for Leak Protection on Heavy Days – The Naturcup has a good holding capacity, although not as much as some. But for the price, the credibility, and the value many consumers like this cup because although it is average with holding capacity, the cup to rim seems to hold tight even with the heaviest of flows.
Firm Rim is Excellent for Suction and Forming a Safe Seal Lock – Many Naturcup reviews and testimonies made mention of the firm rim of the Naturcup which allows it to pop and seal as it should for optimal performance and easy & proper insertion from the get-go.
Length of the Cup Makes it Easy to Remove (No Fishing it Out) – A few users of the Naturcup stated that the length of the Naturcup, menstrual cup is nice for them because they have short cervixes. This helps a person from having to reach deep to fish out the cup while removing to empty it.
Soft Base Enables it to Be Comfortably Worn – Although the Naturcup features a bit of length, and a firm rim, the base of the cup is very soft and pliable. Users like this attribute of the Naturcup as they say it makes it very comfortable and unnoticeable when wearing it.
Ideal for Young Women – The Adolescent sized cup in the Naturcup is great for young teens that are just starting to experience menstruation for the first time. Its capacity is nice for light to heavy flow, but it also not cumbersome. Many virgins and youngsters say that this is the best cup for beginners!


Naturcup Cons

Ball Stem Can Be Uncomfortable – Many menstrual cup users prefer a long hollow stem instead of a ball stem, and although the ball stem makes it easier to remove a menstrual cup, in the case of the Naturcup some users complained that the solid ball stem could be notably felt and sometimes uncomfortable.

*This is not the case for all users though, some women just prefer other features to the benefits of easy removal of a solid ball stem. Additionally, users who complained about the ball stem could have also not had the cup inserted correctly or have chosen the right size that they needed for the best suited fit.



Naturcup Customer Remarks and Testimony


Online Video Reviews:



Naturcup Frequently Asked Questions

As with all menstrual cups there are certain characteristics that may make it different to use in comparison to other menstrual cups, here are some detailed answers of the questions that you may have in mind about the Naturcup, menstrual cup:
Can I recommend the Naturcup to my Young Daughter 14 who just started her period?

Yes, the Natur cup adolescent is perfectly suited for a young teen who has just begun menstruation, although it is possible to compromise the hymen while wearing the Natur cup.

Can I use Natur cup if I currently have a vaginal infection?

No, you should not use the Natur cup while your vagina is infected. It is best to refrain from use of the Natur cup menstrual cup until the infection is all the way cured.

How long before I have to replace my reusable Naturcup?

The Natur cup will last up to 10 years on average when well-cared for.

Will the Naturcup leak frequently?

The Natur cup should provide you with full protection from leaks, however in the beginning of getting the proper insertion technique perfected you should use a back-up method like pads.

The Naturcup looks big, will it fit or cause pain?

The Natur cup may be overwhelming in size, but it is meant to be folded upon insertion and will open without causing any pain or discomfort.




Naturcup Company Profile

Naturcup is a company that is ran out of Resana, Spain. It has been manufacturing Natur cup, menstrual cups for several years and has received FDA approval for the distribution and sell of medical-grade silicone based menstrual cup.

Although the company has been in business for some time, it has not yet made its menstrual cups available to other foreign countries. However with its firmly established presence in the menstrual cup market, it is only a matter of time before this Spanish brand menstrual cup hits the big-time mainstream.



Naturcup Review- Bottom Line

The Naturcup is a well-made menstrual cup that measures equally in comparison to some of the most popularly sold menstrual cups. It is of the highest quality standards, and its keen design has been openly received by women who have already been introduced to its substantial host of benefits. When given the opportunity to review or use the Naturcup a person should take full advantage of the brilliance in features that make this cup, pretty outstanding!




Where to Buy Naturcup

The Naturcup is sold through retailers locally in Spain, however you can find the Naturcup and purchase it through a wide-range of online dealers who offer deep incentives and competitive pricing to online consumers looking for a great product and a good deal.



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