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We are embraced by a modern world flourishing with the consciousness of saving this planet, sparing excess expense, and indulging in the better things in life that make our lives easier. The menstrual cup is one of those things that addresses all of these matters by providing a certain peace, convenience, and comfort to a woman that makes the burden of menses more bearable.

The Mooncup was developed with this very figment in mind- and offers a woman an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the environment, her personal hygiene, and overall health. The Mooncup is a U.K. manufactured menstrual cup that has been sold for over 13 years. It has earned a decent reputation on the market for supplying a woman with a safe and effective feminine hygiene option.


Mooncup Specs

The Mooncup has no frills like some other menstrual cups on the market, it is basic at least and is available in a single-colored, translucent model (2 sizes) and is comprised of medical-certified silicone.

Mooncup Size A:

Mooncup Size A is recommended for women who are over the age of 30, who have experienced a surgical birth or that have previously given birth to a child vaginally. It has the capacity to hold up to 29.3 ml of fluid.

Capacity: 29.3ml, Diameter: 46mm, Cup length: 50mm, Total length: 71mm.


Mooncup Size B:

Mooncup Size B is recommended for women who are under the age of 30, and who have never given birth to a child vaginally. It has the capacity to hold up to 28.8 ml of fluid.

Capacity: 28.8ml, Diameter: 43mm, Cup length: 50mm, Total length: 71mm.



What Size Mooncup Will Suit You Best?

The Mooncup’s sizes are not based upon how heavy of a flow you have-instead it is gaged by the tone of your pelvic floor. A woman’s pelvic floor changes as she ages, gives birth vaginally, surgical history and her fitness level.



Mooncup Features & Attributes

The Mooncup is not unique in comparison to the other menstrual cups we have reviewed, but it does have a few key features and attributes that make it a credible option for you to use as your select, go-to menstrual cup.

  • It gets the job done and is basic so it is simple to choose, buy, and use.
  • It lasts for years and years
  • It will not cause any adverse infections (bladder infections, yeast infections, etc.)
  • It has a stem that can be trimmed to customize insertion and removal
  • It is sold at an affordable and competitive price (average for most menstrual cups)
  • The Mooncup brand is very active in their cause to save the environment
  • The Mooncup is the only menstrual cup manufacturer to achieve the certified status of being and “Ethical Business.”



Mooncup Pros

For many consumers the Mooncup is their best asset for menstrual care, because it boasts many pros that make it better than other menstrual cup brands.

Cleaning is a breeze women feel that the Mooncup is much easier to clean in comparison to color-dyed cups like the femmecycle and the iris cup, because it is clear and it is smooth so it does not collect a residual film- and you can see what needs to be clean and when you miss spots.
Provides unbeatable leakage protection – women consumers have stated this time and time again that the Mooncup is very efficient at preventing leaks and providing unbeatable protection.
Does not require such a learning curve, and is easily used – many women who use the Mooncup religiously state that it is much easier to learn the trick of ideal insertion. It does not take more than a few tries to get the cup to suction properly so it forms a tight seal.
Lightens flow and eases menstrual cramps – users of the Mooncup report that wearing the Mooncup helps can ease menstrual cramps and help to lighten flow for an individual who usually experiences heavy bleeding.


Mooncup Cons

The Mooncup has only a few downsides that have been reported by users who have given it a try and that have also used other menstrual cup brands.

Sits very deep in the vaginal canal – a few customer testimonials on the Mooncup have stated that the Mooncup sites very high in the vaginal canal and can be difficult to remove. However, this could be because certain customers have a very high cervix or are not using the proper size for them.
Difficulty with removal – some users report difficulty removing the Mooncup menstrual cup, however the stem of the Mooncup is specially designed to help with removal. If the stem is too long you can trim it to provide yourself a more custom fit. Also, using a new menstrual cup for the first time may be a little tricky. After a few periods of use, a person usually perfects the techniques of removal and insertion.



Mooncup Customer Ratings and Reviews

The Mooncup has made a significant presence on the market for some time, it is one of the most sold of other menstrual cup brands. We found some reviews scattered throughout the net, and thought that these would provide you a clear perspective of the positive experience you can expect from the Mooncup, menstrual cup.

“Cleaning it is easy! If you want to make the green choice, or just do your bit to reduce waste, go for it. I’m still using mine, after two years. I’m glad I bought it, I’d say definitely give it a try.” (

“When I saw an advert for the Mooncup, I thought ‘what a fabulous idea’ and bought one. I’ve never looked back and haven’t bought a tampon since, so you’ll soon get your money’s worth.” (

If you’re considering taking the plunge I really couldn’t recommend this product more. If I ever have daughters they’ll be receiving these the very same day they acquire the curse.” (

Online Video Reviews:




Mooncup Menstrual Cup FAQS

Can the Mooncup be used if I have a retroverted (tipped or tilted) uterus?

You can safely use the Mooncup if you have a tipped uterus, however it may be tricky for you to get the right knack of positioning it. In some cases, women who have a tipped uterus are unable to get the protection needed for the Mooncup to be effective for them- so it may not work for all.

Can I trim the stem of my Mooncup so it is easier to handle and shorter?

Yes, the Mooncup’s stem can be trimmed down to accommodate your custom needs. However, you need to be careful not to damage the stem. A damaged stem will cause the cup to leak permanently.

Can I use the Mooncup if I just recently started my period?

Yes. The size B is smaller for girls who have just began their periods. However, if you are a virgin and want your hymen intact- you need to avoid use of the Mooncup.

Is the Mooncup compatible with the Nuvaring?

Yes, the Mooncup is perfectly safe to be used in combination with the Nuvaring, and other IUD devices. However if you experience a prolonged period of bleeding after using Nuvaring or an IUD with the Mooncup- you should discontinue use immediately.

Will the Mooncup intensify my menstrual cramps?

No, the Mooncup does not cause or intensify menstrual pain. In fact, many female users of the Mooncup claim that using this menstrual cup actually helps alleviate some of the pain and cramps associated with menstruation.

“I hear many menstrual cups cause candida/thrush (yeast infections)- will the Mooncup cause infections?”

The Mooncup is dye-free and allergy-safe so that it does not cause any adverse reactions such as vaginal infections, bladder infections, and candida/thrush (yeast) infections.

“Why is the Mooncup sold under the name MCUK cup in the United States?”

The Mooncup is FDA approved to sell safely in the US but the Mooncup cannot advertise this product based on that so they named the Mooncup USA version- MCUK.

“What is the Mooncups capacity in comparison to a tampon?”

A tampon can hold an average of 6-18ml of fluid in comparison to both sizes of the Mooncup which hold an average of 28-29.3 of fluid.

“Can I wear a Mooncup safely swimming, while participating in sports, and overnight?”

The Mooncup can be worn during activities such as swimming and while actively participating in exercise and sports. It also can be worn confidently overnight for good protection, but it is advised that you empty your Mooncup every 6-8 hours to avoid leakage.

“Is the Mooncup safe for me if I suffer from a prolapse in my uterus, bladder, or bowels?”

A prolapse (or caving in) of any organ near the vaginal wall can alter the shape and position of the vaginal canal. It is best that you consult with a physician before using the Mooncup or avoid the use of menstrual cups entirely.



Mooncup Company Info

In 2002, the Mooncup Ltd. Company was born and established by a woman named Su Hardy. Upon the discovery of menstrual cups, Su set out on a mission to manufacture and produce a quality, eco-friendly, and safe menstrual cup that would supply as many benefits to women as possible.

She began developing the Mooncup and started operating the company from her home. Boots a popular UK pharmacy stocked their shelves when word broke about this amazing menstrual cup, and the business took off from there. Presently the Mooncup by Su Hardy is now distributed all over the planet, is available in all 50 countries, and the Mooncup’s user guide is produced in 12 different languages.



Mooncup Conclusion: Does it Compare?

Whether you are looking to spare expense, decrease your carbon footprint, or to better your overall health, there are many reasons to choose the  Mooncup menstrual cup. In a market saturated with menstrual cups- the simplicity, ease of use, and quality performance of the Mooncup will certainly offer you a great deal of benefits.

If you are a newbie to menstrual cups- the mooncup is a very good cup to begin with. In addition, if you are into menstrual cups brands who are very involved in their cause to save the environment- the Mooncup brand has acquired a notable respect for producing a menstrual cup that is ever-evolving to ultimately make the disposal of unrecyclable menstrual products obsolete.



Where to Buy The Mooncup Menstrual Cup does not sell any of the menstrual cups that we review, however the Mooncup is available for your convenience at a wide-selection of local retail chains all over the planet. Additionally, for the best purchase experience you can also buy the Mooncup from the trusted sellers listed below.



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