Menstrual Cup Dangers

They’ve been is use for decades now and are making another come back cycle of popularity in today’s eco-conscious and penny-wise world.

The pros are multiple and fantastic:

  • Easy to use
  • Lower cost
  • Chemical free
  • No embarrassing odors
  • More time in-between changes
  • Delicate vaginal pH stays in tack
  • Significantly less trips to the drug store
  • Intercourse is possible with cup in place
  • Great for the environment and reduction of waste

So why is every woman not using a menstrual cup? It could be for a few reasons, such as hesitation at trying something new and unknown or other related fears.






What Are the Cons?

Many women may be sitting on the sidelines feeling a bit nervous about using a menstrual cup because of perceived dangers. Let’s take a look at the important issues and their manageable solutions.

1. Infection:
This might be the biggest concern women think about. And rightly so. Your cup needs to be properly cleaned each time before insertion. This means your hands as well. Without this step you risk sending germs back into your body. If you don’t think you will have private access to a bathroom in-between cup changes it may be better to use an alternative product at that time.

2. Toxic shock syndrome:
This is a bacterial blood infection that women using a cup or a tampon are at risk for. With either means of feminine protection the risk is low but it also means that the user be responsible and follow proper directions to avoid any possible issues. Menstrual cups should not be left in place for more than 8 hours and if there is very lite blood flow the cup may not be needed (i.e. placing latex on dry skin and dry vaginas can be quite uncomfortable). More on Toxic shock syndromeon Wikipedia.

3. Improper fit:
Possible fit problems. Sometimes individual anatomy can make proper use of the cup difficult. For instance, if you have fibroids or a dropped uterus, it may not fit in place properly. There are many different sized and shaped cups and it will just take some dedication and trial and error on your part to find your perfect cup.

4. Allergic reaction:
Unlike other feminine protective products that use a host of ingredients from questionable sources, menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicone. Anyone with a latex allergy is safe. It is extremely rare for anyone to have silicone sensitivity thus the reason for its use in producing menstrual cups.

5. Disposal of blood:
Again, by following proper protocol and emptying blood into a toilet or sink there is nothing to be concerned about. If you will not have access to a sink to follow up with a proper cleansing after removal and before your next insertion another protective alternative might be a better choice at that time.

6. It’s going to get stuck:
Removing the cup can sometimes present a learning curve. It might seem like the cup is stuck inside you. Always be assured: the cup can’t get lost in the vagina. With time it will ultimately slip down by force of gravity. There are various strategies to help with removal but mostly it’s just about relaxing and being patient with your body.

As with any feminine protective product there is some danger involved if used improperly and without following instructions. The greatest risk is possible germ transfer or infection. But even that is very low risk and can always be avoided with diligent cleaning. With all the possible fears and dangers now addressed I hope you will give a menstrual cup a try (check our top 10 list of menstrual cups). You will never be more comfortable during your monthly period and you will be playing a huge role in keeping unnecessary trash out of landfills thus protecting our environment for the future.


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