Lena Cup ® Review – Is it a Winner or Loser?



Menstrual cups are manufactured in abundance now that they are becoming more of the ‘norm’ for all your period hygiene needs. With the plethora of choices you have in regards to designs, colors, sizes, and brands- it can get quite daunting to select the perfect one.

The Lena Cup is just one more option you have if you have not yet discovered what a menstrual cup can offer you or if you just haven’t really found a cup that suits all of your needs.

It seems to be doing quite well among consumers who are reviewing it, however as always we will let you decide for yourself if it has the features that you are looking for in a menstrual cup.


Lena Cup: Specs

The Lena Cup Menstrual cup is made out of medical-grade silicone, it is only available in pink, and is offered in 2 sizes (small and large) that are recommended according to a few criteria.

This menstrual cup comes with a carry pouch, a set of instructions and a single cup in the box.

Sizes of the Lena Cup

The Lena Cup, Menstrual cup is manufactured in 2 sizes only (small and large.)



Small Lena Cup:

This smaller cup is recommended for women who have a very light flow during their period.

  • Diameter – The cup measures 41 mm in diameter
  • Cup length – 46mm
  • Length with stem – 71mm
  • Stem Length – 25mm (flat tab stem)
  • Capacity to Airholes is N/A
  • Capacity to Rim is 25.0 ML


Large Lena Cup:

This larger cup is recommended for women who have a medium- to heavy flow during their period.

  • Diameter – The cup measures 45 mm in diameter
  • Cup length – 50.7mm
  • Length with stem – 70.5mm
  • Stem Length – 19.7mm (flat tab stem)
  • Capacity to Airholes is N/A
  • Capacity to Rim is 30.0 ML





Lena Cup: Features and Attributes

We investigated the Lena Cup to really determine what it has to offer you in comparison to other menstrual cups and just in general, and we found that it boasted the following features and attributes:

  • BPA Free, Made of medical-grade silicone, and FDA approved
  • It is shipped in a very nice organic, recyclable box with vegetable-derived ink
  • Its purchase includes a polka-dot, all organic cotton pouch
  • It is made & manufactured in America
  • It is a very smooth sided cup with little ridges or textures
  • It features a flat tab stem that is rounded at the end
  • It Features 4 medium-sized air-holes right about the rim
  • Has an average rating on Amazon of 4.5




LenaCup Pros

When searching through reviews, we found that many women rated the Lena Cup highly because of the following pros it has to offer:

Its packaging is impressive and delicate
The stem is the perfect size for most and does not require trimming
It is glossy and smooth, no ridges that cause discomfort or irritation
Stem grips are ideal for seamless removal
It is $15 dollars cheaper on average than the Diva Cup
Great for Menstrual Cup beginners


LenaCup Cons

When we looked at some of the lower rated reviews, we found a few cons that were prominently mentioned in regards to the Lena Cup:

The grip rings are firm and sometimes difficult for insertion & removal
Sometimes tricky to fold- takes some efforts
Can Sometimes cause irritation on the bladder- increases the urgency to urinate



What Lena Cup Customers Say

Among around a total of 532 reviews given by buyers of the Lena Cup, menstrual cup an average of 91% rated the cup with 4-5 stars. Here are a few comments that they left regarding their experience with the Lena Cup:

“I really like the material of this cup, it’s firmness level is just right, and the size (large) is big enough to leave in for 8 hours on a heavy flow day without any leakage (at least, for me).” (Wendy Muse, Amazon.com, Rating Given 5 Stars)

“This is my first menstrual cup and I love it! I forget I’m even on my period. Except for the cramps. I haven’t had one leak. I don’t even need to use pads or panty liners. I wish I would have bought one sooner!” (Frank R, Amazon, Rating Given 5 stars)

“I love this cup! The stem is just the right length so that it’s comfortable when wearing (trimming was not necessary). I also like that the stem is flat and has a few grips on it, for easy removal – the cup is bell-shaped, which also greatly helps with removal.” (Rinelle M, Amazon, Rating Given 5 Stars)


Online Video Reviews:




Lena Cup FAQS

We understand that every woman may have certain questions that they seek answers to in regards to a menstrual cup product, and to oblige you here is a list of FAQS regarding the Lena Cup:
Is the Lena Cup a reusable menstrual cup?

Yes. It can be reused for years when cared for adequately.

Does the Lena Cup have measuring lines?

No. The Lena Cup is relatively smooth with no prominent ridges or measuring lines.

Is the Lena Cup fairly easy to insert and remove?

From variable user accounts the Lena Cup is easy to insert and remove for some. While others report that it take some time to get it down. It is just about like every other menstrual cup there is- there is always a learning curve to it.

Is the Lena Cup mailed in discreet packaging?

Yes. The Lena Cup is discreetly packaged and shipped so no one will know what is inside the box.

Can the stem of the Lena Cup be altered or trimmed down?

Yes the stem of the Lena Cup can be trimmed down for size, however many users report that the stems are perfect without necessary alterations.

What colors are the Lena Cup offered in?

The Lena Cup is only made in the soft pink, glossy cup color as of now- but that is not to say that the company will not introduce a line of colors in the future as their product gains more notoriety.




LenaCup Company Info

The Lena Company is located in the United States. It has been working on the development of the Lena Cup for some time, however it just recently launched the Lena Cup in July. Since its debut it has already garnered more than 532 reviews so it demonstrates that this product is doing fairly well in a short amount of time. The Lena Cup offers affordability, comfort, and convenience for women who have been looking for a finer option to tampons and pads.



Final Recommendation

If you have not yet found a menstrual cup best suited for you, or if you are a menstrual cup newbie who wants to discover the freedom that a menstrual cup can provide you with, you may want to look at the various features that this cup boasts.

Additionally, the Lena Cup has an average rating of 4.7 which is not too shabby for a relatively new cup on the market. Its price is lower than the standard & it appears to be well-made and designed- so it is definitely worth some consideration.


Where to Buy The LenaCup Menstrual Cup

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