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Although menstrual cups have been around as long as their greatest competition- sanitary napkins and tampons, they are just now being recognized as a plausible option in personal feminine hygiene care. As the awareness of the menstrual cup is reaching new heights, the market is becoming more and more flourished with brands, makes, and models of menstrual cups.

The Iris Cup is just one more break-out version of the menstrual cup to compare to the hundreds of other brands currently sold today.

However, the Spain-originated Iris cup is a menstrual cup made from 100% Platinum Silicone, has an exceptional shelf-life of 10 years, and that boasts a few superior features that remain unmatched by other comparable menstrual cup brands.

IrisCup Video (in Spanish – It Made By The Irisana Company in Spain)


IrisCup, Menstrual Cup Product Options and Sizes:

Two Size Options: The Iris Cup is available in two sizes (S) small and (L) large.

  • Small IrisCupSmall Iris Cup is for women that have not had a child yet, are younger than the age of 25, or that have previously had a C-section and are younger than 25.
  • Large IrisCupLarge Iris Cup is for women that have had a child vaginally, are older than the age of 25, or that have previously had a C-section and are older than 25.


Two Color Options: For each size, the Iris Cup by Irisana is available in two colors, pink and translucent white.



Iris Cup, Special Features & Attributes

The Iris cup is uniquely comprised of a special (proven-safe, bio-compatible, hypo-allergenic) platinum silicone that is non-absorbent of odors, that lasts for up to 10 years, and that has the ability to endure extreme temperatures. The Iris Cup carries many features that make it appealing to women including:

  • Made and sold in Spain, but also available to U.S. residents online
  • One Iris Cup has a shelf-life of 10 years
  • Made out of  100% platinum silicone (not Peroxide Silicone)
  • Smoother overall then other silicone-based menstrual cups
  • 100% Bio-Compatible (intimately body friendly) and Hypo-Allergenic (Does not Cause Allergic Reactions)
  • Can resist and withstand extreme temperatures from 260 C to -60 C
  • Because of the ultra-smooth texture it does not collect as many residuals
  • Boasts an absence of reaction to skin and fluids
  • Does not absorb odors
  • Retails on average for $15.95- that’s half the cost of other menstrual cups like Mooncup, the Keeper, the Lunette, the Evacup, and the Divacup.



Advantages of Using the Irisana IrisCup

When perusing many reviews online on the Irisana Iris Cup, menstrual cup- I found that almost 99% of consumers rated the Iris cup with 5 perfect stars. Consumers additionally really praised the cup for supplying them the following advantages:

Very, very soft, squishy, and smooth- not stiff in comparison to other menstrual cups on the market.
Excellent comfort and actually helps to alleviate cramps
Really Leak-Proof of all other comparable brands
Works better than the Divacup, for half the cost
Super easy to care for and clean with gentle soap and water
The tube stem makes it very simple to insert correctly and remove with ease
Remarkably durable (resists stains, retains form, and keeps its quality)
The overall quality of the Iris Cup is outstanding for the inexpensive price value
Cheaper than other menstrual cups and works way better



Disadvantages of the Irisana Iris Cup

Surprisingly while browsing for what seemed like an eternity for negative reviews on the Irisana Iris Cup, menstrual cup- I finally found one single disadvantage of  the Irisana Iris Cup.

Lack of supplies to meet the incessant product demand – When pondering over reviews on the Iris Cup, it was well noted that the Irisana menstrual cup has a very open availability in the country of Spain. However- when it came to being able to be purchased online conveniently in the United States, there was a scarcity of vendors who sell this amazing menstrual cup. Additionally, the vendors who do offer the product also appear to have a difficult time keeping this menstrual cup in stock.



What Customers Say About the Irisana Iris Cup

Wow! In all of the menstrual cup reviews that we have done on this website, it was stunning to find that there were mostly 5 star reviews given by customers on the Iris Cup! Customers who have used the Iris Cup have had outstanding experiences with this product in quality, effectiveness, durability, price value, comfort, effectiveness, and ease of use.

“I’ve had my eye on menstrual cups for a while and finally got this one because it was the cheapest (with prime shipping) and seemed just like the others. I was very happy to discover it isn’t stiff like some others I’d seen. It’s very flexible. It’s amazing”(

“It’s practically like you aren’t even on your period. Seriously. Why are these things not more popular? They are awesome!” (

“I had a diva cup in the past, and this is just as good quality, at a fraction of the cost. Very pleased. I do recommend as another person said, to watch review and folding videos for cups in general online first. Really great info.” (

“This thing is AWESOME!!! I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do, but after two periods and not a single leak or stain on anything, I am sold. Worth every penny!” (

Online Video Reviews:

In Spanish:




Irisana Iris Cup Menstrual Cup FAQS

There may be many various questions that you have in regards to using the Irisana Iris Cup. In order to give you the fullest extent of information possible on the Iris Cup, we have taken the time to address the most common questions asked about this specific menstrual cup.

“How long will my Iris Cup, menstrual cup last me before it needs to be replaced?”

The Iris Cup is made from platinum silicone which is known to last for the duration. So it is best recommended that you replace your Iris Cup every few years (up to 10 years).

What if the small size in the Iris Cup is still too large for me?

The small Iris Cup is made to suit even women who have a short cervix. It is soft and should be folded into a C so that it can comfortably cradle itself below your cervix (slightly lower than a tampon would sit.) If you are having problems with insertion or think that it is still too large, check with the instructions that came with your Iris Cup so that you can properly use it.

Is the Iris Cup supposed to leak sometimes?

NO. The Iris Cup does not normally leak at all! If you are experiencing leaks while using your Iris Cup- then you have either damaged it or most likely are not wearing it properly.

“Can I use an Iris Cup for menstrual protection right after having a baby vaginally or after a C-section?”

No. Whether you have just had a C-section or given birth vaginally to a child, the Lily Cup should not be worn 40 days from having a baby for the better safety of your health.

“How can I wash my Iris Cup out after using it in a public restroom?”

If you want more privacy while using public restrooms and do not want to wash it in the sink, then you should wipe it out with a soft Kleenex or toilet paper until you can better clean it in the private setting you are more comfortable with.

“How often should I empty my Iris Cup?”

Depending on how light or heavy your flow is, you should empty your Iris Cup at minimum every 12 hours.

“How do I clean my Iris Cup properly?”

The Iris Cup can be cleaned with soapy warm water between uses. It may also be sterilized by boiling it for 2-3 minutes.

“What is the safest way to store my Iris Cup when it is not being used?”

Your Irisana Iris Cup comes with a cloth carrying pouch. After monthly usage you can sterilize and clean your menstrual cup, dry it off, and place it in the pouch. You can store your Iris Cup in the pouch anywhere you like.



About iriscup Company

The Irisana Company in Spain has been in business since 1987 and is well-known for the manufacturing and distribution of hundreds of Irisana products. Its original product lines began with the wholesale of electronics and eyewear. But with the rave acceptance among the media, customers, and the market Irisana expanded its product range in 2006 which now include: bath care, baby care, dental care, intimate care, eyewear, and even electronics.

Irisana has been producing Iris Cups, menstrual cups since 2011 and as with all of its previous products- the Iris Cup is revolutionizing the Irisana brand name and reputation again as the best rated, ranked, and reviewed menstrual cup of all.



Irisana IrisCup is Worth Every Penny

After full review and investigation into the Irisana Iris Cup, I discovered it to be profoundly better than any other menstrual cup sold right now. Its inexpensive price will enable you to get a return on the investment after a single month’s use alone.  The Iris Cup is continually raising the bar and setting a superior standard that is immeasurable on all accounts.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, very durable, and fully effective menstrual cup which offers you the best value in price and quality, the Irisana Iris Cup is most recommended for a great menstrual cup experience.



Where to Buy The IrisCup Menstrual Cup

The Irisana Iris Cup is available from select retailers and vendors for your convenience.

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