Intimina Lily Cup ® Review –
The Best Menstrual Cup for Intimate Health?


With the large selection of menstrual cups manufactured today, it is difficult to know which one will work for you the way you need it to. That is why it is so important for you to know all the details and facts of a single brand menstrual cups before committing to a purchase or wasting your time on a feminine hygiene product that is not particularly suited for your unique needs.

The Intimina Lily Cup and the Lily Cup Compact menstrual cups are manufactured in Sweden. They are the only collapsible menstrual cups to be produced currently and are very highly acclaimed for their overall ability to deliver comfortable period protection to women who choose menstrual cups in alternative to other feminine sanitary products. So let’s see how they rate by female consumers who have used them previously and swear that the Lily cup menstrual cups are better than the rest of the brands available.



Intimina Lily Cup Specs and Features

The Intimina Lily Cup menstrual cups like most menstrual cups are a medical device used to collect menstrual fluid that is inserted into a female’s vagina. In option to other types of products that supply period protection they are reusable, eco-friendly, and much safer.

The Lily cup is made out of a medical-grade silicone that is tested, tried, and approved on many credible accounts. Additionally, they bare no health risks and provide women with a ”personal freedom” that makes them extremely beneficial to women familiar with use of menstrual cups as a feminine hygiene practice during the time of menstruation.



What Makes the Lily Cup Different than Other Menstrual Cups?

There are many features of the Intimina Lily Cup that makes them very different than other menstrual cups offered by a variety of manufacturers:

  • Come in 2 models and 2 sizes each – Lily Cup (2 sizes A,B) & Lily Cup Compact (2 sizes A,B)
  • Is the ONLY collapsible menstrual cup – All models of the Lily cup & Lily Cup Compact are can be folded as thin as a tampon (meaning they are very flexible and compact for ease with removal, insertion, and overall use.) However the Lily Cup compact is so compact it can be collapsed to accommodate easy storage in a compact case.
  • Helps maintain PH balance for better intimate health – The Lily Cups offer you a healthy choice in period protection that is non-irritating, that won’t cause vaginal infections, and that won’t cause uncomfortable dryness.
  • Contains a special designed rim – The Lily Cup and the Lily Cup compact each are specially designed with a rim that is spill proof and that makes it easier to clean, remove, insert, and use.



Intimina Menstrual Cup Models and Sizes:
Lily Cup & Lily Cup Compact

The Lily Cup and the Lily cup compact are each menstrual cups that can folded as thin as a tampon, however the Lily cup compact is a collapsible cup that can stored in a compact container for discreetness, portability, and convenience. They each are only offered in a pink shade and are comprised of silicone that has been tested for safety. The Lily cups menstrual cups accommodate light to heavy flow, can be worn for up to 12 hours, during activities, and are offered in Size A and B of each model.

The Lily Cup:

Can be folded as thin as a tampon

Size A (28ml). For women who have had C-sections or not experienced vaginal birth.

Size B (32ml). For women who are mature 35 or older and that have had a baby vaginally.



The Lily Cup Compact:

Folded and Collapsible

Size A (18ml). For women who have had C-sections or not experienced vaginal birth.

Size B (23ml). For women who are mature 35 or older and that have had a baby vaginally.



Choosing the Right Lily Cup in the Right Size

The original lily cup menstrual cup by Intimina is well-liked by some and hated by others. However, out of the two product models offered by Intimina, people appear to prefer the Lily Cup Compact over the Lily Cup.

It is completely one’s personal preference as to which one they think may work better for them, however the collapsible storage capacity of the Lily Cup Compact it makes it the more demanded and sold of the menstrual cup models.

Note: The Lily Cup holds a higher capacity of fluid (28ml Size A, 32 ml Size B) than the Lily Cup Compact (18ml Size A, 23 ml Size B.)

As far as the sizes in the Lily Cups, both models offer an A and b size that is specific of two factors – a woman who has had childbirth vaginally, and a woman who has not given birth yet, or that had a c-sections previously.



Lily Cup Pros

Superb design makes it easy to clean
Rim and flexibility eases insertion and removal
More comfortable than other menstrual cups because it folds


Lily Cup Compact Pros

It is the first collapsible menstrual cup to ever be developed- so naturally consumers opt for it to try it on for size
Because it can be compacted so easily, it makes it a cinch to discreetly carry and store.
Consumers report it being softer than other brands of menstrual cups like the mooncup, evacup, and the femmycycle.
It receives better reviews overall for the ease of use, performance, and overall experience from consumers who have reviewed it.
The rim or lip of the Lily Cup Compact makes it easy to grab hold of to insert and remove, and to clean.




Lily Cup Cons

More people prefer the lily cup compact
Unfamiliar brand because its produced in Sweden
Users say it is cheaply made
Cup sizes vary in comparison to other brands


Lily Cup Compact Cons

Users report big variances in price among different vendors who offer it.
Reviewers point out that the flexibility can be a pitfall of it providing the best protection against leaks and accidents.



What Customer’s Say About Intimina Lily Cups

Intimina Lily cups have received mixed good and bad reviews from what we could find. However, it is apparent that this product has not reached the number level of consumers that some of the other USA menstrual cup brands.

“Design- had a good browse through all the different makes and thought this was by far the best design. No holes near the top, no writing or marks so super smooth, a front and back- not just circular, a lip to keep fluid inside and a ‘spine’ to make insertion easy.” (

“Worst cup EVER. Also if u are set on buying this piece of junk. Again, this cup is awful. Buy a lunette, or even the miacup or meluna. This thing is useless.” (


Online Video Reviews:

Lily Cup:

Lily Cup Compact:

More Reviews:



Intimina Lily Cups FAQS

You may have many questions about the Lily Cup by Intimina as there appears to be a shortage of information on it through research online, however we have gathered as much information as possible to address some of the questions you may have regarding the Lily Cup and the Lily Cup Compact.

“What is the highest fluid capacity for the Lily Cup?”

The Lily Cup Original Size A will hold 28ml and the Size B holds up to 32ml.

“What is the highest fluid capacity for the Lily Cup Compact?”

With the Lily Cup Compact Size A holds 18ml and Size B holds up to 23.

“If I have an allergy to latex, is it still safe for me to use a Lily Cup?”

The Lily Cups are 100% Latex free. They are made from a medical grade silicone that has been thoroughly tested for the highest safety possible.

“Both Lily Cups are dyed pink – is the dye safe for me?”

The dye that is used to color the Lily Cups pink is non-toxic and will not cause any irritation, infections, or adverse health side-effects.

“Can the Lily Cups be cleaned with a dishwasher?”

No. The Lily Cups need to be manually washed. The dishwasher could ruin the performance, durability, and the effectiveness of the Lily cup.

“Can I use a lubricant to help with the process of insertion?”

Yes- Absolutely. You can use a water- based, lubricant such as KY and other brands to help you easily insert the Lily Cup properly.

“Can I wear the Lily Cup while having sex?”

No. The Lily Cup is not recommended to be worn during sexual activity. In addition, it is also not a contraceptive.

“Is the Lily Cup leak-proof?”

The Lily Cup is entirely leak-proof and can provide you with ultimate protection- when inserted properly. If you experience any leaks- then you should check the directions to be sure you have gotten the knack of inserting it for the best protection possible.

“How many hours can I wear the Lily Cup Compact since it holds a smaller amount of fluid?”

The Lily Cup compact can be worn up to 10 hours without needed to be washed or emptied.

“How long does the Lily Cups Menstrual Cups last on average before they need to be replaced?”

Intimina recommends that for basic use and for best health practice that you should replace your Intimina Lily Cup or Lily Cup Compact every 12 months or once a year.

“Can wearing the Lily Cups cause me to get any vaginal infections?”

Lily Cups are manufactured with your premium safety in mind. Because of the special design and material in Lily Cups and as a result of them being a collective menstrual solution as compared to an absorbent one- they act essentially to balance your PH, will not cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome), and will not result in dryness.



About Intimina Company

The Intimina company is located in Sweden, has been in business since 2009 and is the producer of numerous women’s intimate health products such as feminine moisturizers, massagers, washes, Kegal exercisers, and the Lily Cup & Lily Cup compact menstrual cups. Their mission is to not only supply superior products to women of all ages around the globe, but to also educate women with essential information that can be easily accessed and useful.

They strive to manufacture the safest female intimate health products by playing a large role in the design process, taking social responsibility, using the best responsible manufacturing practices, and consistently improving their products to exceptionally perform, last for the duration and to produce the best experiences with use time after time.



Intimina Lily Cups is a Decent Alternative for Menstrual Protection

The Intimina Lily Cups offer women a decent alternative for menstrual protection in comparison to the non-environmentally-friendly tampons and sanitary pads. However when compared to other menstrual cups reviewed on this website and used by thousands of women, the Intimina Lily Cups fall short in some aspects.

Additionally, the shortage of reviews and information on the Lily Cups proved to be limiting for our better research purposes. However if you are looking for a softer, cleaner, more compact menstrual cup then the Lily Cup or the Lily Cup Compact may just be exactly what sets you apart from the many consumers who were disappointed with the Intimina menstrual cups.



Where Can You Buy Lily Cup and Lily Cup Compact

We do not sale any menstrual cup products on this website – we are strictly purposed to review menstrual cup products only. The Lily Cup and Lily Cup Compact is available for purchase at a variety of pharmacies and retail drug store chains. In addition, the Intimina Menstrual Cups can be found online and ordered conveniently by a number of well-trusted vendors and providers.

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