Choosing the Right Yoni Egg Size

There is often a lot of confusion as to what size to begin with. Here are typical yoni egg sizes:

  • Small: 20x30mm
  • Medium: 30x40mm
  • Large: 40x50mm

Believe it or not, the larger the egg is, the easier it is to use. If you are a beginner or think you have a weak pelvic floor, you can start with a large (or medium) size egg as a starting point – Simply because for most women, a small egg is far too difficult to practice with as a starting point (it is best reserved for the jade egg professionals – so be patience).

However, the larger eggs are much easier to feel, but are much heavier and harder to hold inside, so as a starting point a medium size can be the best for you.

  • Larger size consideration – You might need to start with a large size egg if you have some bladder leakage or have had a baby recently.
  • Smaller size consideration – If you’re petite, start with a small sized egg. Also, if you’ve never had children, choose a small or medium size yoni egg.


Why Does My Jade Egg Keep Falling Out?!


Final Say

When it comes to Yoni eggs, always listen to your own intuition and choose what feel right for you! Another solution is to get a set of three eggs – so you will have a perfect match.


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