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My Menstrual Chalice
This Facebook page serves as a place to find all my cup related videos and written blogs as well as a place to message me directly.


First experience with a Menstrual Cup?

I had a great first experience with a menstrual cup and was hooked immediately. Although cups can be tricky at first, and there might be some experimenting with different shapes or brands, I could tell right away that menstrual cups were going to be the period solution for me!


Hi friends! Jennifer here. I began my cup journey in 2013, starting first with the disposable SoftCup style, and changing rapidly to a reusable menstrual cup. The first two years, I just used my cups, and that was that.

In 2015, I began my YouTube channel which was originally set to be a budgeting/organizing/family blog style channel, but in my first video I mentioned using a menstrual cup, and that was all anyone seemed to want to know more about.

I found a few online communities where I could share my love for menstrual cups, and within several months, I had become an administrator for a couple Facebook groups, revamped my channel to focus almost entirely on menstruation and cup reviews, and even started my own Facebook page to add blog posts and additional commentary to my YouTube videos.

In a relatively short time, I went from simply a person who uses cups to a person totally consumed with spreading awareness and advocating the use of menstrual cups! I am constantly researching new and existing menstrual cup brands, menstruation, and the female reproductive system in order to provide the most accurate and relevant information possible to my viewers.

Few Important Questions

  • Favorite Color – Chartreuse
  • Favorite Pet – Pet Rock
  • Are You a Morning Person? Absolutely… until about 11AM. I’m definitely NOT a midday person!
  • One Tip for The Future (Except Sunscreen) – Like I always tell my daughter… Find a period tracker you like! Seriously, I don’t know HOW I lived before having a general idea about when my period was coming. I could have saved so many pairs of pants!


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How do you insert a menstrual cup? Do menstrual cups cause any odors?
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