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Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Cheeky Mama Reusable Pads come from a company called Cheeky Wipes that makes cloth diapers and reusable baby wipes. They have a super cute logo, “Making a bum job better.” They sell their pads individually and also in full kits that contain liners, day pads, night/maternity pads and even a box to soak the pads in (called a mucky box).

The package also includes a natural oil blend to add to the mucky box and a mesh laundry bag.


Special Features

These pads come in two different types of fabric; one is called Bamboo/Minky, and the other is called Ultrapad. Bamboo/Minky has a leak-proof minkee outer layer and an inner layer of bamboo charcoal. The Ultrapad is made from a leak-proof printed cotton outer and layers of cotton/organic cotton to form the rest of the pad.

Their pads are:

  • Made with leak-proof backings.
  • Securable with wings.
  • Sewn with eco-friendly materials including bamboo and organic cotton.

Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

Customers stated that these pads:

  • Absorb extremely well
  • Wash out quickly
  • Are very soft and comfortable to wear

“Not only do they look so nice, but they are so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing a pad, and I was so pleased.” (

“These pads are great soakers, the bamboo is beautifully soft, the minky is divine and feels so luxurious, the only negative is that they don’t come in patterns that I can get addicted to buying!” (



Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

Customers mostly say that these pads are superb. The main complaint I’ve seen is that the pads can shift around if you aren’t wearing snug-fitting panties.

“Only reason I haven’t given these five stars is because I found the pad slipped slightly when worn.” (

“The pad has a tendency to slide toward my back when I use it (even with the extender and snug panties): something to keep in mind if you are a front-bleeder like me.” (



About the Company

Cheeky Wipes was originally founded as a baby products company. Check this out for a nice About Us video from the owner of Cheeky Wipes.




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