Diamond Cup ® Menstrual Cup

The Diamond Cup was recently launched last year, in 2015- so it is still relatively new to the market. It is a reusable menstrual cup that’s origin of make is up for debate (although the website claims it is USA made, other sources have traced its manufacturer to China.) It is available in two sizes (small) and (large) It is only made in a single clear cup color that is BPA free, and features one of the most popular types of menstrual cup stems in its unique design (short, flat tab). Continue reading

MenstroCup ® Menstrual Cup

Menstrocup is manufactured and made by the company Femogene. It is manufactured in China but claimed as an official USA-made product. It was introduced to the menstrual cup market in 2015 and has gradually become more and more known. It is offered in one translucent shade, and 2 sizes (small and large). It is composed of high-grade silicone that is FDA approved and BPA free. It features an alterable stem that is short and flat. Continue reading

Super Jennie ® Menstrual Cup

The Super Jennie is a USA oriented menstrual cup that was released to the market in 2014. Although when it was first introduced it was only offered in a single size small, the Super Jennie is now available in two unique sizes (large and small.) The Super Jennie is comprised of FDA approved, medical-grade silicone. It is a softer menstrual cup with a short, round stem. It available at the moment in three colors – the clear-translucent, teal and blue. Continue reading

CupLee ® Menstrual Cup

The Cuplee is a menstrual cup that originated and Russia and is also manufactured and distributed out of Russia. It is available all over the globe and can be mostly purchased through various online vendors. This menstrual cup is made out of medical grade silicone. It is offered in 2 sizes (small and large.) It also is made in many assorted colors from pastels, bolds, to the standard clear menstrual cup. This Russian menstrual cup has on the market since 2011. Continue reading

Dutchess Cup ® Menstrual Cup

The Dutchess Cup, menstrual cup was first introduced in 2014. It originated in the United States but is manufactured and distributed in China. This menstrual cup is offered in a pack of 2 (1 Pink and 1 Purple cup included.) As most commonly among menstrual cups, the ‘Dutchess’ is offered in 2 unique sizes (Size A and Size B.) It is composed of medical-grade silicone, and features a short thin stem which can be trimmed to fit. Continue reading

LolaCup ® Menstrual Cup

The LolaCup, menstrual cup originally was founded in Tenerife (Canary Islands), but it is manufactured and produced in Midland, Mi. It is a USA manufactured, medical-grade, FDA approved menstrual cup product that is offered in 2 convenient sizes and is offered only in its signature satin, pink-hue. It is offered in duo packs only (2 in each) and has instructions, and a cotton storage pouch with purchase. The product is sold mainly through Amazon, and is available to residents in the U.K and Unites States. Continue reading

Lena Cup ® Menstrual Cup

The Lena Cup was just released to the public in July, 2015. It is Made in the USA and offers a menstrual cup that is BPA Free, made of Medical-Standard silicone, and that has been FDA approved. It is available in 2 different sizes (Small and Large) and is designed with a flat stem. This menstrual cup also like the LolaCup is only available in a light pink color. The Lena Cup is made for woman by a woman and is named after the woman who developed the cup. Continue reading

Blossom Cup ® Menstrual Cup

The Blossom Cup, is a menstrual cup product just launched this year. It is manufactured in the United States and offers a high-grade, silicone menstrual cup in two sizes (S- Small, and L-Large.) It is also available in 3 different colors (pink, blue, and purple) and the standard clear cup. Its stem is short only measuring at 10 mm. The Blossom Cup is surprisingly gaining notoriety as more women become aware of its existence. Continue reading

Si-Bell ® Menstrual Cups

The Si-Bell menstrual cup is of European origin. It appeared on the menstrual cup market around 2011. This cup is known to be a softer cup which is made of platinum grade silicone. It is offered in the clear cup hue, and is available in a light baby pink in limited edition form. This menstrual cup is made in two sizes (Small and Large) and is sized according to childbirth status and age. It consists of a unique stem that is slim, angulated, and ridged with a ball at the tip. Continue reading

Fleurcup ® Menstrual Cups

The Fleurcup is termed “Flower Cup” from French to English translation. As its name refers it is developed and manufactured in the country of France. It is a nice menstrual cup made from 100% safe medical-grade silicone. It is a rounded cup design that possesses a flat tab stem (that can be shortened), and a firm but subtle rim. The Fleurcup is available in a clear/translucent hue & pale pink, blue, green, purple, orange/red, and black. It is offered in 2 different sizes (Small & Large) that both boast an ample capacity. Continue reading

Lunacup ® Menstrual Cups

The Lunacup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Mexico and Mexican based established in 2004. It is comprised of soft medically-safe silicone and features a ball stem much like the Divacup. Its quality and adequate firmness to softness ratio makes it a large contender in the saturated market of menstrual cups. It is affordable & priced to sell, and is offered in 2 sizes (M- Small, G- Large) to accommodate a woman’s feminine menstrual hygiene needs depending on her age (and childbirth status.) Continue reading

Luv Ur Body ® Menstrual Cups

The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup originated and was designed in Malaysia but it is manufactured in Nigeria. It is a newer model of menstrual cup that made its entrance into the market in 2013. This cup is silicone-grade based, FDA approved and ISO certified. The Luv Ur Body, menstrual cup is offered in 3 sizes (S, M, L), 4 solid colors (clear, dark green, black and red), and two clear with scribed floral in colors (blue and red.) Continue reading

Mia Cup ® Menstrual Cups

The Mia Cup company was founded in 2007 and has been available on the market since 2008. The Mia cup menstrual cup has been out there a while to establish a great name for itself as one of the top menstrual cups brands of all time. It is made in one color (purple) and is offered in 2 sizes (Small-Size 1 & Large- Size 2.) It is of course also made of the very popular medical-grade silicone material, and is manufactured and distributed out of Johannesburg, South Africa Continue reading

Rainbow Cup ® Menstrual Cups

The Rainbow Cup is also referred and named the Monzcare R-cup/Monzcup. Its original appearance on the market is unknown, however it is a menstrual cup that is made in China. The Rainbow Cup menstrual cup is made from silicone, features a hollow stem, and has no markings on the cup. The Monzcare R-cup comes in 2 sizes (Small and Large) and is available in 7 bright colors. Continue reading

OrganiCup ® Menstrual Cup

The Organicup is a menstrual cup brand that originated in Denmark. This menstrual cup is made from the same clear silicone as many numerous recognizable brands of menstrual cups. It is dye free, BPA free, bleach free, and hypoallergenic. The Organicup is offered in two sizes (Size A & Size B) and comes with a plain white organic cotton storing pouch, and a with a full set of instructions (instructions are available in several languages.) Continue reading

BellaCup ® Menstrual Cup

The Bella Cup, menstrual cup is manufactured and distributed in South Korea, and it just recently made its debut on the menstrual cup market a few years ago. It is a menstrual cup made out of the popular silicone that other menstrual cups are made from (medical-grade), and is designed very much like a few other popular stand-by cups with a . The Bella Cup is available in 2 sizes (small and large) and one transparent color. The Bella Cup comes with 1 menstrual cup (choice of size) a storage pouch (green or grey depending on size), and an instruction leaflet. Continue reading

Ruby Cup ® Menstrual Cup

The Ruby Cup was invented in 2011 by three women on a mission to bring modern “period care” to the limelight and social forefront. It is manufactured in Berlin and Kenya by the Company Makit and sold by hundreds of vendors and retailers all over the world. The Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup made out of intimately safe silicone and is available in only a single size. Additionally, the Ruby Cup does offer two colors (blue and pink) – besides the clear/matte finish Ruby Cup classic. Continue reading

Comfycup ® Menstrual Cup

The Comfycup is menstrual cup that is sort of a “generic brand” of menstrual cup that is offered at a very inexpensive price in comparison to the big brands. There is not really much information on who produces the Comfycup, menstrual cup but it is quite a good menstrual cup for the bargain, quality, shelf-life, and product options. The Comfycup is made out of the safest silicone, is available in two sizes, and features 4 color options including the transparent hue. Continue reading

FemmeCup ® Menstrual Cup

The Femmecup is a menstrual cup produced and manufactured out of the U.K. since 2008. However since its initial debut on the market, the Femmecup has been revamped as of 2011 with a new sleeker look, shorter stem, and better design. The Femmecup is offered in only one size, and comes in the translucent, clear shade when purchased. The Femmecup features a silicone-based rim, cup, and stem and is hypo-allergenic, biocompatible and certified for meeting all of the necessary standards and safety for this type of medical device. Continue reading

MiaLuna ® Menstrual Cup

The MiaLuna menstrual cup is manufactured and sold in Chile’. It features a sleek, medical-safe silicone design, a hollow point-stem, and has just recently become available in 4 assorted colors (lavender, yellow, light green, and baby blue.) The Mialuna boasts 4 sizes which are available for women who have birthed a child vaginally and are over the age of 30 and that have NOT had a child vaginally and are under the age of 30. The sizes of the Mialuna menstrual cup also are based upon the lightness to heavy flow so that women can choose the right size with the right capacity- that WILL NOT leak or cause discomfort. Continue reading